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Info for the cultural tours on 24. 01. 2024

Meeting people with psychoses or other mental disorders, including drug addicts or alcoholics, is absolutely essential.

The castles of the world should also be equipped to accommodate these groups of people, as my person would like to visit castles or spend the night there.

My person would also like to visit prison inmates worldwide or meet these people staying out of prison!

The Path and the Goal


The path and the goal for all......

Ursula, Empress 

To the

Embassy of the People's Republic of China

10179 Berlin


Luebeck, 5 March 2002


Visits/  II. Version on 25.01.2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Please refer to that German-language document for a better understanding. 

Dear Ambassador of the Diplomatic Mission of China, 

You will certainly have been informed of the existence of your Authorities, which consist of the

Emperor D. G., the King J. P. and the Empress U. S.. 

My person hopes that she doesn`t have to ask you unnecessarily to observe the order of precedence that is now in force, for your Authorities are above the law and woe, woe to you if you do not get in line. 

The consequences of disobedience would no longer be justifiable, especially towards young people, children and future generations, so that the next step would catch up with the one after that. 

It would be a chain without end, but in a negative sense, and this is precisely what the Lord's matter and comission are about, which involves every person in the whole world, regardless of their origin, race or faith.

To come back to the endless chain, your Empress would now like to inform you about how my person intends to continue to tackle or achieve the matter in order to try to continue to knot the endless chain in a positive sense.

The whole is about an unified culture worldwide with everything that belongs to an unity, whereby the main matter will be the future combined with security for the life of every human being.  

This clearly includes God, the Lord and Creator of heaven and earth, in the centre of humanity.

If this security with prospects for the future is not given, this can be clearly seen in people, for example in their behaviour, the way they die and much more.  

If, as a result, the end is imminent, the end can again be recognised by the increased frequency of natural disasters, for example by the change in the incident light of the sun, especially when the sky is cloudy or overcast.  

Likewise, the changes in the earth's atmosphere and everything that follows from them has a corresponding significance.

If there is an end, then there is always a beginning; what the beginning will look like is increasingly up to you, to your neighbouring states and to many, many people who have been given a mind to use it properly. 

Your Empress is convinced that there must be a very old document, either in the form of reliefs or similar, with signs and images, which ultimately only the Emperor, with the help of experts, will be able to interpret correctly.  

The philosophy behind the matter and the commission should then be known to some scholars, experts and clergy. 

Without such a basis, which can certainly be found in Egypt and is estimated to be around 3000 years old, my person would now have to continue working on the assignment and the matter in the subjunctive, because this lack of confirmation should no longer prevent my person from going to the front, as time has already become my greatest adversary. 

It is quite conceivable for my person that this document was found and interpreted long ago, but is being withheld from my person for certain reasons, as there would be a risk that your Empress might be blocked out of fear. 

My person does not go to foreign countries by order of the FRG and also not by order of the Pope, who may not even be informed about the matter, but by order of the Lord and Creator, who is above everyone and everything, don't forget that! 

The same applies to many Christians all over the world who are equipped and destined to help your country of origin out of the respective culture.  

Each individual has his or her place and must take it at the right time and fit in, otherwise this great endeavour cannot succeed. 

The means of your Empress: 

The sun, which your Empress is reluctant to use, has visibly become a means of threat and pressure for everyone. 


The means of power is the umbrella, which acts as a Cudgel and enables you to act. It is intended to be your Empress's tool of the trade to uphold and protect the power of your Authorities.


Each individual has his or her fixed place and must take it at the right time and place themselves, otherwise this great enterprise  cannot succeed. 


The tool is the removal of people who are no longer worth the effort and must go to the devil, which my person will not control either.


The labour of your Empress is the mute thought * "voice" of your Empress, which can transmit imaginary thoughts, give orders, instructions and assistance.  


The culture shock about the TV. 


An unusual and correspondingly extensive basic knowledge of the matter and the comission. 


The letters from your Empress, which are in circulation and contain explanations, orders and assistance. 


The universal remedies to be used against all diseases and epidemics* (no longer current due to time constraints) "could still be developed "**.


Your Empress does not like to lose people to the devil, regardless of their origin or race, including those who have many lives on their conscience, such as war leaders or serious criminals. 


My person prefers to get as many as possible through life with the help of a reckoning by her Cudgel and unconditional, unquestioning obedience to your King and your Emperor. 

The main tasks of your Empress have been greatly reduced by her person's letters! Nov. 2017**

1) Proclamation of Christianity (Roman Catholic Church).

2) Avoidance of panic. 

3) Re-education of children in the right religious doctrine, prohibition of the wrong religion for everyone. 

4) Announcement of help from all available Christians.

5) Place abortion under the highest prohibition (maximum penalty).

6) Note the Ten Commandments and the "Lord's Prayer", enlightenment and help will be provided by Christianity at a later date,

7) when the language problems have been solved, by the Holy Spirit.


8) Faults in lifestyle such as clothing, way of thinking, interpersonal relationships (marriage), outward appearance (height, eyes, hair, skin colour, language), feeling for language and voice, etc..  

The German language is already established for the standardised culture* and should be able to be spoken gradually. In addition, Latin can be acquired for certain professions. Additional foreign languages                                             already* acquired will certainly be retained.                                              

9) Family reunification. Emphasising family reunification, planning a new lifestyle and way of life. Dismantling and closing temples and foreign churches, building up the Roman Catholic Church.

10) Announcing a slight physical change, just as it is meant to be by nature.

11) Prerequisite is the introduction of children to the right church with the help of parents and relatives, which at the same time involves the safety of parents, grandparents and their ancestors.

Your Empress will visit your country of origin as a normal tourist*  (please now see above) and will not be a heavy labourer there, but you may receive letters, faxes or emails from your Empress.

12) Euphoric genuflections, prayers or lamentations as well as fear rituals will be prevented by the Cudgel.

13) Free prisoners from the dungeon.

14) Justice/ right to the truth/ human rights/ mistreatment.  

15) Announcement of the King/ Takeover of power.

16) Announcement of the Emperor.

17) Announcement of all available Christians.

18) Brief explanation of my person/ psychoses should be explained in advance so that no misunderstandings arise. 

19) Historical review of the church and the risk of repetition of false rulers at the head of the church should be clarified. 

20) Last generations should be made aware of their own behaviour in this regard.

The Fischer Almanac 2002/2013/ 2023/2024* contains all the necessary addresses, which have now been established and may be used for communication in the matter and the Lord's order.  

My person will rarely announce anything loud and clear to the population, but only if it will be urgently necessary and hopes that already the performed* labour of your Empress will be applied and that this will perhaps coincide with my current thoughts, so that a double check of the correct connection is given. 

My person assumes that every people will hear and understand the labour of your Empress and thus my spoken thoughts in his or her mother tongue. 

The labour that has already been done should not have been lost, as it was very energy-intensive.  

For the time being, only a few people will certainly be involved in these connections. It is necessary that many other personalities will also visit your country and write letters or reports.

It is hoped that you will enter into dialogue with each other, seek discussions and talk about the new cultural structure in order to get to know each other better. 

For your country in particular, I hope that many Christians, especially Protestants, will visit your country, who have the necessary knowledge of your culture, the necessary expertise in the matter and a considerable general knowledge to be able to enter into dialogue with you at all. 

As Chinese and also as Japanese, you are known as a highly intelligent people; you are equipped with sharp eyes and also with a mistrust of foreigners. 

Please do not forget that my person, too, is suspicious of strangers and not entirely free from the fear of strangers. 

Other travellers will feel the same way. 

In  opinion of my person, it is quite healthy human behaviour towards people of other races. 

If people have thought his or her way through to the end, then this fear is justified. You should also send people of your own race to Germany, so that many people can learn more about the lost German culture* (1950s) and acquire the necessary knowledge.

Since your Authority, which consists of three people, was born in Germany, in the city with the seven church-towers, it is certain that this culture of your Authority has been chosen and destined for all mankind. 

 You will know that a mixed culture can no longer be understood as a culture and lacks any natural basis. 

My person will need to rest and sleep a lot on her travels, she will need to cycle, go shopping, go to the theatre, visit and eat in restaurants and look around at her leisure to think about all sorts of things for three  two fortnights* per country.  

Before my person travels to India or Africa for about three two fortnightly weeks, she responsible people* will write to or inform the relevant embassy in Germany, where the corresponding letters from travellers* will perhaps be collected. 

For shorter stays due to possible transit in foreign countries, no prior written notification will be given by my person. 

Your Empress wishes that people who are aware of my person and my title will make way and go to the right side.  Should these people behave differently, my person wishes the Cudgel to take effect, which may be retroactive. 

Otherwise, my person expects that there will be no riots by the population against your Empress and my escorts, as my umbrella may not be active for the time being. 

Only when your Empress is travelling together with Emperor D. G. will it be a completely official matter and must be arranged accordingly. 

As King J. P. has already travelled to Asia very frequently, my person should not experience any unpleasant, Monumental-surprises. 

Your Empress is not your contact person, but you are answerable to the King and the Emperor, as does every other country on earth, whether it has already been informed or not. 

Your Empress claims that we would all have long since ceased to be on God's earth, if the Lord had not long since appointed his Authorities. 

Since human is not able to bear this entire responsibility, but since man must now also bear the responsibility, we are no longer alone and should try to absorb the seriousness behind the matter and the comission, so that panic does not arise and develop, and so that the Lord's matter and commission can also be successfully led to the actual goal. 

You have now received this letter and are thus being made responsible.

You should have a sit-down with trustworthy personalities and you should request the letters that your Empress has already sent to certain authorities or are to be found on Internet* and get in touch with experts, who do exist, as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. 

There is also a handwritten "letter of application" from your Empress, which was sent to the clergy. (But a lot has changed in the meantime especially for my son.*)        

 I. A. Ursula Sabisch  

1 July 2010 This letter is now more than 8 years old and so my person has not been bedded on roses in the meantime, quite the opposite. For this reason, my tone has become harsher and I will have to penalise those affected accordingly!   

12 July 2011 *Text slightly corrected for better comprehensibility. 

**Homepage e.g.**https://publicare.imperialis.eu

24 January 2024* Document corrected regarding the duration of the trips, too!

*Addition inserted on 24 January 2024!

30 May 2016** In the opinion of my person, Jehovah's Witnesses are the chosen people to explain and teach the Bible to you and other people, but not to embody the true and only faith (God).

A kind of "buffer zone" is needed in this matter for security reasons, which has parallels, which must also be valid for other master countries.

So my person hopes that every form of faith, especially those of the major religions, can be correctly categorised, as nothing was given by chance, but everything has an important and decisive background.

The same matter that applies to Jehovah's Witnesses, for example, will certainly also apply to Protestants in the next stage, who are presumably connected to our triune God (Creation**) by a different "strand of life in Jesus" than a Roman Catholic will be or preferably a Roman Catholic Clergyman will be placed in the leading strand of life**.

Since the above-mentioned tasks* have already been dealt with for the most part through the various Homepages of my person, the task of my person, including her accompaniments, will be able to concentrate mainly on the supra-Monumental-Area, which also includes the entire satellite network.